Alter your Mood with Magical Cold-Brew Tea

Scorching sun overhead and a cup of tea in your hand; do the combination seem weird? Not anymore, because the tea is going to be freezing cold instead of sizzling hot, sounds cool? Yes, now you can spend your hot summer days sipping on your favourite cup of Cold Brew Tea!

Who would not love to feel the health benefits along with the delicate taste of cold brew tea bags? Everyone would love to taste this crisper and cleaner flavor that will undoubtedly chill you down like a sea breeze.

 Cold Brew Tea

Confused over Cold Brew and Iced Tea? 

Are you still thinking cold brew and iced tea are the same? 

Let’s make it easy for you. 

Though the cold sip of both the tea is mesmerizing enough to overlook the difference, being a teaholic you must know the difference. 

Your chilled cup of iced tea simply needs to be brewed in hot water to extract the intense flavours, and finally adding up some ice cubes quench your thirst for the cold sip. 

However, a cold brew tea is cool in all aspects!!! 

Steep the leaves in cold water for some time and let it release its magic. The longer you leave it to brew the better the flavour is extracted. 

However, our specially extracted hibiscus tea with less caffeine and more natural flavors is also perfect to beat this summer bites. Moreover, it will only take a few minutes to sip into the world of aromatic flavors. 


Benefits of Cold Brewing Tea

  • Reduce your caffeine intake and enhance antioxidants with the best-selling cold brew tea brands and make a healthy start to your day.
  • Less tannins and catechins make it taste better and not bitter.
  • Cold brew tea even promises to keep you enough hydrated even if you miss consuming adequate water.
  • With only 1/6th of caffeine and a high amount of theanine (natural amino acid), you can feel rejuvenated anytime you sip on the cup.
  • No heating and no more killing Vitamin C. Now drinking your favorite cup of tea can build your immunity as well.


So, this summary is going to be super energizing and chilling with cold brew tea.


Worried about where to find?

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