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Authentic and flavorful is what we stand by. Only the goodness of real ingredients is what you deserve.

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Why Chayam Tea?

High polyphenols Anti Oxidants Metabolism

Our mission is to let everyone drink good tea. To break the monotony of the regular cup, we have curated flavors which are healthy and equally tasty. Our wide range of dessert, wellness and classic teas are fit for all ages and moods.

Real Ingredients

We take health very seriously. Only 100% fresh and authentic ingredients can deliver a superior quality product. Curating the finest of the harvest to make the blend that's best suited for you. Rediscover tea with us.


A drink that meets the eye and fits the taste is the true winner. Helping you switch to a healthy lifestyle without compromising on the flavor is the motto. Flavors are extracted from a unique combination of ingredients that tastes like a beverage you've never tried before. The tea can be relished both as a hot or cold beverage.

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Tea with real ingredients can help in achieving sound health. The brew results in high-quality brew with distinct flavor and aroma.